Using Flickr to practice Spanish

My students (5th and 6th graders as well as the adult class) are learning to tell time Spanish.

As an exercise for them, I looked for images on under the Creative Commons license and included them into the classroom website (elementary school) and class blog (adults).

In addition, I was careful to choose clocks, that were taken in different countries, which will provide further global connections and discussions. I will continue to look for clocks, specific from Spanish speaking countries.

I also found a Flickr Group named “Clocks of the World“. So far I have not figured out if it is possible to search within a pool for only Creative Commons licensed ones?
So far I am not comfortable to stream in Flickr photos (not taken by me) into my elementary school classroom site, since I will not know and can’t control what kind of photo might be coming in. I could download a creative common licensed image (one that will allow me to alter it) and then upload to my own account and then use a photo gallery with images from that set streaming into the blog.