“What Languages are on your iPod?” Meme

I feel in the mood of starting a Meme today 🙂 It is very simple… nothing complicated..not much to think about …

The question is “What languages are on your iPod?

ipod languages
  1. List the languages that are represented in music, video or podcasts in a post on your blog.
  2. Add your favorite song and artist of each language. (Maybe someone else will use your suggestion)
  3. See how diverse your list is.
  4. Reflect on how global you are.
  5. Check out some World songs in a language that you normally don’t listen to by following someone’s suggestion from step 2.
  6. Tag as many people as you wish

Here is my list:

  1. Spanish – Favorite song “Quiero” by Ricardo Arjona
  2. German- “Endlich ich” by Pur
  3. English- “You are my kind” by Santana
  4. Portuguese- “Amor I love you” by Marisa Monte
  5. Italian- “Vivo per lei” by Andrea Bocelli
  6. Hebrew- ” Mi Chamocha” by Rick Recht

Looking forward to finding out what YOU have on your iPod.

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