Where are my Blog Readers Coming From?

Several bloggers have asked themselves this question lately: Where are my readers coming from? This is a phrase that can be interpreted differently, depending on the context it is spoken or written in.

Pam Shoemaker wonders in her post where her blog readers are physically from and chose to add a clustermap to her Yes Teach blog.

Dean Shareski from Ideas and Thoughts blog explores a similar questions in his post “Thinking About Audience Matters“. He approaches the question from a different angle though. He is not necessarily concerned about the geographical location of his readers, but “where are they coming from” in the sense of which background do his readers have? or as he puts it, as readers

who may speak another language, either literally or professionally

I think it is wonderful that more and more bloggers from the United States are becoming aware that they are not alone in this world and that other people from different countries and cultures are reading and learning what they are producing. It is wonderful to read it when bloggers are adding a few extra sentences to their posts in case their description or explanation contained something country specific. Something that someone from another country would have a harder time understanding.


Not everyone outside the USA knows what the grades A, B, C, D and F mean. In Germany students earn a “1” as the best mark, while you fail with a “5” and a “6”. In Argentina, a “1” would be the worst grade and a “10” the best one you could get. Anything below a “7” will send you to the dreaded exams in December or March (which by the way is the beginning and end of SUMMER break there).

Let’s all be a little more aware THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE when we write posts. I saw a wonderful poster ad from My Wonderful World.

muwonderful world ad

Just a few seconds after I published this post and was about to twitter it, I see another examples of two bloggers who have already understood and are aware that not everyone is from their little part of the world.

where from

where from2

Who knows “Who in the World is reading it?” If you are reading this post, let me know with a quick comment where you are from!