Power of Social Networking

I was standing at the door of a session from Discovery, when I overheard the following:

The presenter had a slide of four different images on the screen. One of a painting, another one of a mathematical equation, one photograph of a famous person and the last one being a chemistry formula.

He asked the audience to show by hands how many new what one of the images represented? How many knew what 2, 3 and then 4 represented? There were only two people who knew all four images. The presenter then told everybody they had 30 seconds to get up, turn to the person next to them or shout across the room to find out what the images they did not know represent.

After the time was up he asked for another show of hands. This time over 20 people knew the answer to all four images.

The Power of network. The power of using it to find answers and information. I will remember that little exercise for professional development at our school.

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