Twitter Tools

Twitter has taken on a very important role in my online networking. I have written about Twitter-Changes in Networking back in December 07.

Since then my networking habits have changed again, but in this post I don’t want to talk about what twitter is nor how and why I use it. Instead I want to show “other” tools that I use to get the most out of Twitter.

Twitter has a search function, that allows you to search by username. If you don’t know the username or its correct spelling…you are out of luck. In addition the search function has been disabled on Twitter for days!!

Search is temporarily disabled. Thanks! It’ll be back soon!

When trying to keep up with people replying to you directly, you can check several times a day the “Replies” tab or subscribe to the RSS feed of the Replies in your Reader.


Make sure that you have gone into Twitter’s Settings and checked off that @ Replies read “Show me all @ replies”.


Unfortunately this does NOT work for me, when someone did not start their Tweet with @langwitches. In the example below you can see that the tweet from “theother66” does not show up in “my Replies” while the one from “techforschool”does.


In order to get all replies to @langwitches I use a program called Tweet Scan. This site also allows you to subscribe to the replies via RSS and it does not matter if someone used @username in the beginning or end of the tweet.


I also just discovered TerraMinds– Twitter Search (Thanks to coolcatteacher’s feed).


Terraminds, let’s you search for a keyword in updates or in users and also provides the possibilities to subscribe via RSS to the results. The reason why I am thrilled to have discovered TerraMinds is that it will let me copy and paste the results (with avatar images) into my WordPress blog WITHOUT messing up the code. That has been an issue with Tweet Scan before.

kolson29 @langwitches getting it right now! thanks 🙂 1 day ago

LParisi @langwitches Thanks for the cool link. The site seems to have lots to offer. 1 day ago

Sarnee @langwitches I teach Year 7 and 8, which is 10-13 year olds. All subjects! 1 day ago

kkliegman @langwitches I am also doing a teddy bear project with a school in Taiwan with first grade class. what’s your url? 2 days ago

Another tool that I use on a consistent basis is Twitter Karma. It has been really hard to keep track of new Twitter followers within Twitter. Because they don’t show up in alphabetical order nor in order that they start following you. It took forever trying to find out who was following me, but I was not following them and viceversa. In comes this handy site.


You sign in with your Twitter username and password and it will load ALL your followers and the ones you follow. You then can chose to show All, only friends, all followers or mutual friends. In the screen shot you see the ones that I am following, but they do not follow me, which is indicated with a green arrow. Twitter users are organized by the last time that they updated their Twitter.


A red only arrow indicates that they are followers, but you do not follow them. Twitter Karma allows you to click on the avatar and go directly to their Twitter site ,check it out and if you choose start following them.

Last tools that I started using is Since I have two twitter accounts “langwitches” and “teachablemoment”, it was becoming impossible to use both at the same time. Had to sign in and sign out or had to use two different browsers. There were problems when signed in as one user and my browser would still post as the other user.

Multitweet allows to choose a username which you want to post as, and shows you the twitter timeline as one from ALL of your accounts. I do not use multitweet all the time, since it seems a lot slower than