School Wide Egypt VoiceThread- Preperations

Teachers are getting ready to participate with their students on our school wide Egypt VoiceThread. About a month ago, I posted my ideas and step by step instructions for the teachers to the project. Since then I have presented and demonstrated VoiceThread and our Egypt project to all the teachers at a faculty meeting as well as during grade level tech planning and again during one on one time.

Step one for everyone (Pre- Kindergarten through 6th Grade) was to create their avatars, that the teachers would be adding as an identity under their VoiceThread account. Some teachers had their students come into TechConnect and create an illustration in KidPix, while others used their digital cameras to take a photo of artwork that the students had produced previously.


First grade teachers have gathered as a grade level in TechConnect and are showing and discussing the 50+ images that are part of the VoiceThread.
They had their students bring in their journal books and a pencil. Instructions were to decide what picture they would be interested in to comment on. To which photo could they contribute a fact, an observation or add something they have learned in the classroom, a book or the Egypt blog. The teachers were showing each image on the big screen and students wrote down the number of the image they chose . They are taking their journal back into their classroom to prepare their comment by writing and discussing it with their teachers. They will return to TechConnect to record their comments directly into VoiceThread.

Another grade level (third grace) will be bringing their students into TechConnect today listen to VoiceThreads created by other students around the world. We want to allow students time to explore this new kind of media. Let them get a feel and an idea how other kids their age sound and what do they have to say? I want them to be comfortable and able to understand the way a digital audio storybook feels when you “read” it before they will be participants in creating one.

I am very excited to see how this project will turn out. For weeks the VoiceThread has been sitting idle online with just a bunch of pictures arranged in order. I can’t wait for the voices to make this story come alive.