Image Generators

I must confess, that I love Image Generators. There are many cool sites out there that let you and your students easily upload one of your images and/or type in some text that will generate a new image for you to download and use. Students have absolutely loved playing with several ones of them and personalizing them to include in their blogs.

You can keep up with my ever expanding 50+ image generator links through my bookmarks.

Here are some of my favorite ones.

Generators for scoreboards, chocolate bars, snow globes, chalkboard, keyboard, cereals, many more…

Generates Alphabet Soup, Fortune Cookies, iPod playlist and bulletin boards, I heart T-shirt, Trophy engraving, and more…

Design your own smoke signals, crop circles, SkyScraper, Statue of Liberty and moregenerator-pyramids.png

Book Cover
Design your own Dummy book cover


Scrolling Typewriter


Upload your image and choose from different magazine covers.