Mentoring & Helping other Bloggers

I am reading more and more in conversations on Twitter , on blog posts and in e-mails that many edubloggers are getting discouraged of writing their blog. They are discouraged for the fact that they are not receiving comments or are feeling brushed off and left out by so called “probloggers”. A few weeks ago, I wrote about my feelings about this phenomena in a post titled WHO do YOU write for?

A great help for new bloggers who are craving for and not receiving comments came from Sue Waters and a great post “First Five Tops for Writing Better Blog Posts ” this morning.

Sue writes :

Worse Still! You finally finish the post believing it’s your best ever only to find no-one comments.

I bookmarked the post immediately as a personal reminder for my own writing. I can also see creating an adaptation of these tips for student bloggers.

  1. Use short paragraphs
  2. Use headings
  3. Remember to hyperlinks
  4. Always comment back to readers on your post
  5. Subscribe to your own blog feed

I would add to Sue’s list the addition of relevant visuals that support the point and the idea you are trying to pass on.

Another post I wrote Celebrating new Bloggers , I could feel the frustration from this edublogger:

I have made some changes, commented on other blogs and posted updates on twitter, but I really am not getting many comments (pretty much none).

I want to mentor and encourage new bloggers, but how do you do it, when you already are so short on time. Do we need to postpone these things until the summer? At this point, I have so many things postponed for these precious few weeks, that I will be probably be just as busy as during the school year. 🙁

How can we encourage showcase and help newcomers to the edubloggersphere?

I had an idea this morning while driving and listening to a new song I purchased on iTunes the previous evening. I really enjoyed Para Que Tu No Llores by Antonio Carmona. I had never heard of this artists before last night, until I found one of my favorite Spanish singers Alejandro Sanz performing this duet with him. If it were not for the name of Alejandro Sanz, I would have never clicked on that song to listen to the preview and consequently buying it.

iTunes also uses on their sidebars the heading: Listeners also bought… uses the heading: Customers who bought this item also bought…

How can I transfer this to the bloggersphere?

By following iTunes and Amazon’s example, I can make sure I update and refresh my blogroll in my sidebar frequently to include new bloggers. Maybe I could create a Spotlight of the week/month/etc.

Just as Alejandro Sanz singing a duet with an unknown artist to me lured me into giving him a try, I could invite a guest blogger to my blog to give them the opportunity of exposure to new readers that were able to sample his/her writing.

Image by Vic

Isn’t there a less known or unknown singer/band warming up an audience before a concert? Aren’t the superstars sometimes the springboards for others’ careers? Whose springboard can we be in the edubloggersphere?