Commenting- The Logistics of It

So here is the logistics part of commenting.

Sometimes, depending on the blog theme or where you are on the blog, the comments are not visible to see right away. When you are on the main blog page (ex. ) you will only read the post, but no comments are visible. You need to look for and physically click on either the title of the blog post or the “comments” link, which is usually located at the bottom of the post.

If you are already on the individual blog post (ex. ) you should see the comments already written and the textbox for you to type in already at the bottom of the post.

Before you are allowed to hit the submit button, some blogs ask you to type in an Anti-Spam word or solve a simple addition problem. Just type in the exact same letters in the textbox right next to the word provided.

Now you are ready to actually type in your comment in text, directly into the bigger textbox, but there are a few other formatting things you can do If you want you comment to either stand out or be a little “dressed up”.

In comes some HTML code. Now remember, you DON’T have to use this code. Plain text is just as good and most of the time sufficient. On Langwitches, you will not see the HTML code help as it is shown in the screenshot above on Kim’s edublog for example, but you can nevertheless type the code in and it will show up formatted in the comment.

This code turns this reply into…

…this comment

It is very nice for readers of your comment to be able to directly be able to click on any link you are referencing without having to copy/paste the URL into their browser.

Most blogs will also translate the emotion icons, such as the smilies and frowns into the yellow round little circles if you use them colon + ( for frowns and colon “:” + ) for happy faces 🙂 🙁

Edublogs, Blogger and WordPress are all a little different in how they interface looks like. Some blogs( blogger accounts) will allow you to preview your comment before actually posting it too.