31-Day Commenting Challenge- Starts….NOW!

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The Comment Challenge is starting today (May 1st) and will run through the next 31 days. Sue Waters , Kim Cofino , and Michele Martin and I have been working to coordinate across geography, timelines and our normal busy lives. There are over 70 participants, as of this moment, who are ready to dive in.

How do you get started?

Head on over to Sue’s post Commenting, Learning Together and the Comment Challenge , to read all about the details.

Here are just the few basic thoughts and links you might want to bookmark:

  1. Daily Challenges will be posted on Michele Martin’s blog and on the activities page of the Wiki
    1. Challenge Day 1 is posted here
  2. If you are a blogger, start to document your learning on your blog
  3. If you don’t have a blog (yet), take a paper and a pencil and jot down bullets. Remember this challenge is mainly about your own personal learning. The community effect is, of course, an added bonus.
  4. Don’t forget to tag your posts with a technorati tag comment08 .
  5. Start commenting and have fun!