Allow Others to Comment… Make it as Easy as You Can

Since the Commenting Challenge started, I really have been working hard by commenting on blogs, especially the ones I am visiting for the first time. Since the Challenge started, Langwitches has also received more comments than ever before. I am tracking with Technorati any mention of comment08, as well as receiving Pingbacks on posts on Langwitches.

Twice I have run into a problem now, that I WANTED to comment was not able to or had a hard time.

The first time was on I hope it Works from Ronaldo Lima. His blog is a Blogger account. After typing in my comment in the pop up window, double checking that I was automatically logged in with my Google/Blogger account and hitting the submit button, the comment just would not post and brought me back to the same pop up window. Still with my text in the comment box. Luckily, I had copied the text of my comment to my clipboard before and did not loose it completely.

The second time, I clicked my way through from a pingback to one of my posts to Defining Blogging in Education on Ruminations of an Online Instructor / MD . It is a WordPress blog hosted by . I wanted to leave a comment to acknowledge that I had read her thoughtful response.

First I was a little stumped. I had to log in to comment? With what? Then I checked that it was a edublog blog and tried my edublg username/password combination. That did not work and I became unsure of what I could do next to leave my comment. Should I look for a contact form or e-mail address somewhere on the blog? I created an edublog account several months ago and really have not used it much, so I decided to try another username/password combination (maybe the first one I entered was wrong) and voila: I was suddenly logged in and the comment box appeared for me to leave my comment.

BUT … I almost had given up hence leaving without acknowledgment to the blog owner that I had pass through and had appreciated her time and effort she put into writing the blog.

I wonder how many others pass by a blog, would like to leave a comment. but run into a minor a major problem or inconvenience and give up and click on?

  • Pop up windows
  • Spam protection words not legible or mistyped
  • Login in with Google, Open ID, Edublog etc accounts.

If you don’t receive comments on your site… maybe there is a problem in the commenting process. Post a test comment to see if it will appear. Make sure that you are logged out of your administrator account too, when you are testing in order to imitate a visitor to your site.

Make it as easy as you can for someone to leave a comment. Many will move on if there are too many obstacles to overcome.