Day 7: Comment Challenge-Reflect on What You’ve Learned so Far

It has been a week? Today is Day 7 and we are to summarize what we have learned about commenting.

We’re on Day 7 of the comment challenge and it’s time to take a little break to see what you’ve learned. So far you’ve audited your own commenting behavior, commented on a new blog, installed a blog tracking service, asked a question in a comment, commented on a post you didn’t agree with and responded to another commenter on a blog post.

For today’s task, I want you to come up with three lessons you’ve learned from your experiences so far. Consider what you’ve learned about yourself as a commenter, what you’ve learned about the act of commenting, and how you think your recent commenting activities have impacted you as commenter and a blogger. These don’t have to be major sweeping lessons. They can be as simple as “I’ve learned that I don’t comment as often as I’d like.” The point is to reflect on what you’ve been doing in the past week and to consider how you want to use this information to improve your conversational abilities in the blogosphere. If you blog your lessons, be sure to tag them with the “comment08” tag.

I decided to follow Dogtrax’s example from Kevin’s Meandering mind and create a short video clip with my reflections. First time for me uploading a video to Flickr . The embed code works beautifully on this WordPress blog.

Links to blogs fromt the video clip: