Books I Read Around the World

Sometimes, when you arrange information in a different order or through a different media, patterns become apparent that were not visible before to you. Those a some of the benefits I so enjoy of Web 2.0 tools.

I have always made it a point to read books in Spanish and German. That is one of the ways that I try to keep my languages alive, since I am not able to speak them on a daily basis. When I travel to Argentina or Germany, half of my suitcases are filled with books on the return flight.

I am adding to a Google Map that show books I have read and their corresponding geographic setting. I wonder (maybe I suspect already) what pattern will emerge? I wonder if a pattern would lead me to explore other authors and other settings around the world?

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Check out Book Around the World Blog for some inspiration.

The world has many countries. Let’s “book around the world” and find at least one excellent book for each country in the world. The book should help us learn something ABOUT that country and not just be one written by somebody who lives there.