Day 11: Write a Blog Comment Policy

Day 11: Write a Blog Comment Policy

As a blogger, you’re responsible for the overall tone of your blog and the comments that are left there. Like a party host, you create a particular kind of atmosphere on your blog and when it comes to commenting, having a comment policy is the best way for you to establish commenting ground rules.

In this activity, you’re going to write a comment policy for your blog. If you have one already, you’re going to review it and make any revisions you think are necessary after reviewing some of the following articles and thinking through what you’ve learned from your own experiences as a commenter.

Blog about your experience in developing a comment policy, along with a link to your policy so we can see samples. If you find policies on other blogs that you like, share those, too. Be sure to tag your post with "comment08."

Frankly, I had not seen or read a Blog Comment Policy before today’s challenge. I do read a fair amount of blogs, although mostly through my Google Reader. I wonder if other visitors miss these policies on the blogs too and if that is the case how effective are they?

Maybe I am policy- ed out right now (from school) … maybe I have not had any comments (except spam) that I felt I had to delete or moderate…maybe I should be more pro-active than re-actice…maybe I will have to come back to today’s challenge in the future…

I am opting to NOT write a comment policy at this point for my blog , BUT I do like Michele Martin’s idea of A Newbie Guide to the Bamboo Project and want to create one for Langwitches in the future.