Jose the Travel Bear Hits the Road Again

If you have followed Langwitches Blog for a while, you know that my elementary school has received a grant to allow two teachers to travel abroad for two weeks each year. The experience is being shared and involves the rest of the school through technology, a year long study of the country and an immersion week of one target grade. I have been one of the lucky teachers to have traveled to:

The use of a stuffed animal, a teddy bear, grew out of the need to make a connection for our students, espcially the younger ones. Since then he has become a local celebrity

Jose, the travel bear, was born and started taking on his own life. Jose has become the mascot of our school San Jose Episcopal Day School. He has been featured on TV here in Florida as well as in China and Argentina!

Build a Bear has generously donated 50 stuffed animals, that students are checking out to take with on trips around the country and the world.

He is the host of Teddy Bears around the World and has inspired his cousin Chet from Chet’s Creek Elementary school to start traveling too and another cousin from Buenos Aires, Argentina has taken the plunge and became a blogging bear

Jose seems to have been infected with “Wanderlust”

Wanderlust is a loanword from German to English that designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander, or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world. Fernweh, a more contemporary equivalent for the English wanderlust in the sense of “love of travel”, literally “an ache for the distance”

So it is time to hit the road again for Jose.

Next week, he  will be traveling with my colleague Terry P. and myself to Costa Rica (Central America) and Peru (South America). You and your students can follow along on our travel blog:

Maybe one or the other activity or adventure might fit into your curriculum and you can take advantage of bringing the world a little closer to your students by following Jose along. Here are our approximate travel plans. Of course, as all travelers know, these will change and adjust according to what adventures await us.

Costa Rica

  • Capital of  Costa Ric: San Jose
  • La Paz Waterfall and Butterfly gardens
  • Presidential House
  • Poas Volcano /Arenal Volcano
  • Rain Forest /Cloud Forest
  • Quepos-National Park- Manuel Antonio
  • Emphasis on animals and their habitat of Costa Rica


  • Capital of Peru: Lima
  • Cuzco
  • Machu Picchu
  • Puno (Lake Titicaca)
  • Emphasis on ancient cultures, indigenous people, and animals

Take advantage of creating your own personalized stories (with or without a bear) by using all the images and videos that will be posted on our Flickr Account under Creative Commons copyright.

Let me know what else I can do to allow your class to travel with us. I am open to any suggestion.