Writing a Story in Google Maps

As I am preparing for a presentation about Digital Storytelling, I am collecting examples how teachers at our elementary school have used different tools with and for their students. I chose to create a map story of Jose’s travel to Latin America and his search of the Crystal Skull and Pachamama to embed it into a map.

My story starts out in the town of Jacksonville, Florida/USA in North America.  Click on the placemark, read the story and follow the clue to take you to the next location. You will need to zoom in and zoom out of the map, switch between map and satellite view and drag the map towards the East, West, North and South in order to find your next destination. Have a safe journey as you follow Jose on his search for the Crystal Skull and as he discovers where and what Pachamama is.
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To view a step-by-step instruction guide on how to use Google Maps, view Part V of my Digital Storytelling Guide.

I created a short list of possible ways you or your students can write a story with a map?

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt around the World
2. Use an image of a place anywhere on Earth or your own backyard as a story starter
3. Map the settings of a book you are reading
4. Write a collective “Where have you been this summer/winter” as a class
5. Follow a biography of an important character in history and events that influenced or were influenced by him
6. Tell the story of learning (and where) that took place in your classroom during a school year

What can you think of? How would you write a story with a map?