Design Games for Elementary School Students

I am not a big fan of the gory, bloody or violent war games that many of our elementary school students play online. There are obviously not on the school’s recommended resource list. On the other hand, I love to be able to allow them time to design and experiment with games that require a little more thinking than to fire a gun, chop someone’s head off or blow something up. Here are two of my students’ favorite, plus a bonus one, I found today,

Learn about cause and effect with LineRider by drawing a line, where your little sled zooms along unless it was too steep or not steep enough to gain enough speed to fly over abysses, jump ramps, or zoom across YOUR design.

Fantastic Contraptions is a game that one of my Tech Patrols (4th grader) recommended in Tech Club. He demonstrated some amazing contraptions he had designed to get through the levels. I must say that every single kid that was in the room was glued to his lips and his explanations. They could not wait to get to their computers to try it out for themselves.
A fun Online Physics Puzzle Game

To get an idea how to do this, check out the following video clip.

I just found the link to the following game today in my Reader. Can’t wait to introduce it to the kids and see their reaction.

Drawminos is game, where YOU get to design your own domino path by dropping each individual pieces and balls onto the screen