Perfect Harmony

I am not a very musical person. I do not play an instrument nor do I know how to dissect and analyze a musical piece, but I do enjoy listening to music. Some songs make me stop what I am doing and I just want to get lost in the harmony of the sound.

Sometimes when I am at school, I have the privilege of seeing such harmony when watching a colleague teach.

…She sits on the floor with all her students around her who are glued to her lips. She leads them from a question she asks to many questions that suddenly spring up in THEIR minds.

…She takes every one of their questions serious, validating them, wondering out loud, inviting everyone to contribute by adding their thoughts.

…She allows a certain unruliness to spread when everyone gets really excited, even enjoying it, but reins them in easily by guiding their energy to something even more exciting.

…She is leading her students in reflecting, as their process together what they just saw and experienced.

…She seamlessly connects their conversation to previously lessons as well gets them exciting about learning yet to come.

Perfect harmony…