Embedding Media in Your Blog

All of our teachers are administrators of their own wordpress blog (hosted on our domain) As part of our monthly workshops, the past week “Embedding Media on Your Blog” was offered.

The definition of “embedding” is :

To enclose snugly or firmly.
To cause to be an integral part of a surrounding whole

In the world of our classroom blogs that means to insert an image, a slideshow, audio or video, so it can easily be viewed as part of your post.

There are many third party websites, that allow you to upload images and then easily embed them into YOUR classroom blog by copying and pasting special code that they provide to you. You can also upload and embed audio and video files directly. The blog software will automatically use a special player that plays directly inside your post without the need for the visitor to download the file.

Here is an overview that was shared with faculty members. You might find the following links helpful yourself or are able to pass it on to your staff as well.

Images (jpeg file)





  • Embed code for my space
  • Tweak code: delete after </object> to remove buttons that allow to click through


  • In your VoiceThread click on menu>embed> then copy the code
  • Go to your blog
  • Create a new post
  • Click on the HTML tab
  • Paste (CTRL-V) the code into the text box

Audio (mp3 file)

  • Audacity
  • Once created, upload to blog by clicking on “Add Audio”
  • Once uploaded, highlight the URL and copy it (CTRL-C)
  • Type in your blog post [audio:your_mp3_file.mp3 . After you type in “[audio:” then paste the URL you have copied (CTRL-V), don’t forget to type the closing bracket. We use the Audio Player WordPress Plugin
  • Publish your post and you should see the audio player in your post

Movies (.wmv file)

Windows Movie Maker

  • Upload the .wmv file by clicking on “add Media” and browsing
  • Copy the URL (CTRL-C)
  • Click on the “Insert/edit embedded media” button on the second row of the toolbar
  • Paste the URL
  • Enter dimensions 400×400
  • Under the advanced tab-uncheck “Auto Play”
  • You will see a yellow box inserted in the blog text box. Once you publish, you will be able to watch the movie



  • get embed code (push pin icon)
  • copy-paste in blog post on the HTML tab


Google Presentation

  • Upload the PowerPoint presentation to Google Docs
  • Share
  • Embed
  • Copy code-
  • Paste in blog post on the html tab


  • On your blog- add media
  • browse for the file on your computer
  • upload


  • Use your school account email when signing up for any third party site. Do not use that account for personal projects
  • Do not upload students’ personal information or pictures that display their names
  • When embedding media in your blog:
    • Type any text on the visual tab
    • Then paste the embed code on the HTML tab