Creating an Outline for Blogging Unit Plan

So, you have decided to start blogging with your elementary school students.

  • You know that that blogging is MORE than creating a static website collaboratively with your students.
  • You are committed to creating a learning community, that allows students to document their work online,  develop a dialogue with their classmates, collaborate in the process, reflect on their work and learning, connect their ideas and thoughts to others.

Kim Cofino’s blog post Blogging s Elementary is a great resource to look at. She has divided her lesson plan into five parts in order to introduce her students to blogging:

  1. What do we know about blogs?
    1. Understand basics of blogs
    2. Concept of blogging as writing
  2. Internet Safety
    1. Online Identity
  3. Bullying
    1. Responsible Behavior Guidelines
  4. Process of writing good comments
  5. Process of writing good blog posts

I am using Kim’s approach as a guideline. I really like the order of her lessons and feel that it was well thought through and will prove effective for us.

There are 4 areas to address and to be divided into separated lessons. I am not sure yet, how long each lesson will take and am hesitant to lock them into a certain amount of minutes.


Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts outlining each part of this process.