Blogging Activities and Competitions

Once you have set up your blog, looked at other classroom and students’ blogs, talked about safety, blog commenting and writing, you might want to have a few other blogging activities for your students up your sleeve.


Sue Wyatt from Australia conducted a Student Blogging Competition. Her blog is full off ideas, examples and activities that you can follow. Check the competition ideas out to get inspired and create your own.

Although this particular competition was held between September and December of 2008, that does not mean that you cannot conduct your own blogging competition within your classroom  or start one with a few other collaborative classrooms across the  world.

I also think that planned out activities will keep the kids engaged and a competition might motivate some to continue blogging instead of fizzling out. I plan on starting a blogging competition with my TechClub, when we return to school next week.

  1. Set a time frame for the competition to last.
  2. Create and announce categories such as the ones below:
    1. Best resource posts
    2. Best informational post
    3. Best overall commenter
    4. Best overall writer
    5. Most interesting post
    6. Best linked post
    7. Best use of images
    8. Best tutorial post
    9. Most improved writer
    10. Best book review
    11. Most surprising post
  3. Find judges to review post and vote for winners in each category.
  4. Create a survey on Google Docs to allow judges to vote
  5. Design and create awards badges to be displayed by winners.