Around The World with 80 Schools

I am really thrilled about the use of Skype in the classroom. You can tell by reading the last posts about Skype:

I would like to connect my students (PreK- through 6th grade)  in the next 6 months to at least 80 different schools in order to circle the globe once.


Here is the idea:

  • Keep it short. Skype calls can be from one minute to no longer than 5 minutes.
  • The goal is to connect with at least 80 schools in different parts of the world. Some of the schools will be in the same country or even city.
  • Don’t stop until you have circled the globe with at least 80 different schools?
  • Let’s connect via Skype, just to say Hello , Hola, Ni Hao, Hallo, Shalom, etc.
  • Prepare with your students ahead of time, what you would share with the other school about your own and what questions would you ask? Remember you will only have up to 5 minutes for Q &A

    • What languages do you speak in the country you live in?
    • What continent are you on?
    • How do you say “?” ?
    • What is the nearest big city?
    • What is the name of your president?
    • What did you always wanted to know about our country?
  • We will keep track of the schools we connected with on Google Maps.
  • The goal is to do this in the next 6 months (January- June of 2009)
  • Will you help us out? Please fill out the following Google form, so I can contact you for

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94 thoughts on “Around The World with 80 Schools”

  1. You are always thinking Silvia! You are such an inspiration – what a great idea! Looking forward to making more connections for our students.

    1. @Kim
      Thinking of organizing dinner party in computer lab to be able to talk to your students! Can’t wait to finally make the connection with ISB students. 🙂

  2. Great idea Sylvia. I hope you contact us. If my year level is too old for your students I could arrange for a skype call with teachers in our junior school for you.

  3. Hi, my class will be most willing to be involved. we love this sort of thing, being stuck on the edge of the known world, in sunny New Zealand.
    Check out “Room5ians Rule!”
    [a new blog will be evolving soon as i have changed schools and classes]

    1. @mrw00dy @Amanda It will be fabulous to connect with Australia and New Zealand. We are talking sleepover party/lock in in our computer lab. Will be in contact when it is worked out. When are you back in school after your summer break?

  4. This is a fantastic idea! Immediately signed up my gifted 3rd through 5th graders from Southern Arizona. They have been on a few Skype conference calls and LOVED it! Just an idea – have you thought of making screencsts of the calls and including those in the Google Maps? Thanks for putting this out!

  5. Brilliant idea, hope we make the list!

    Funnily enough I’m in the process of trying to find 11 classes from around the world to be involved in a similar project later this month. If anyone here would be interested in that one as well I’ve set up a wiki at

  6. Great activity Silvia. Was wondering if you could make the spreadsheet public so that schools can contact each other if they would like to do so. In a sense you are making a nice database of schools interested in connecting in this manner. I like the adhoc nature of what you are doing. Looking forward to having some of my classrooms take part.

  7. Sounds exciting and I certainly want to be part of this if we can work out the time zones. 🙂

    Skyping is not a problem with out school or within China so that is helpful.

    Thanks for setting everything up.


  8. Thank you to all that have added their contact information to the google document. We have a little less than 40 schools so far and in desperate need of schools in Europe and Africa! Please tweet and blog to your network!

    Once I have 80 schools together, we will chart our journey around the world and I will start contacting you to set up a time for the skype in.

  9. Hi, Sylvia. Brilliant!

    I’m sure you’ll only know what the kids will learn once this is over. Meanwhile, do you have some formal expectations for learning objectives before the fact?

    And do you expect all 80 schools to talk with all 80? Or are you just planning your school’s trip around the world?

  10. @Phil
    Yes, there are learning objectives. I am in the process of putting them together and publishing on a “Around the World with 80 Schools” wiki. I will also publish the schools, that we are getting in touch with, so anybody who wants to chart their own journey around the world, can do this.

  11. Hello Sylvia

    I would very much like to involve my class with this project. I can see so many learning opportunities for everyone involved. It is amazing to me that I already recognize so many names in the comment list. It would be an honor to be a part of this wonderful project. My class loved video chats and would jump for joy to know of another opportunity. Thanks for organizing this creative project.

  12. Great idea! With Skype being from Estonia we have to be a part don’t we!!! By the way hubby works for Skype so I’ve passed this on to him too.

  13. I am really excited to chat with another class. As teachers we have used skype among ourselves but have not used it discussion or project purposes.

  14. My students are in high school, but I would very much like them to meet (even briefly) kids from around the world, especially Spanish speaking countries… Thanks for starting the project!

    1. @Reuven
      Yes we are also interested with High School students. Although we are an elementary school, I believe that a connection across age levels is equally beneficial. Please add your contact information to our Google Form.

  15. Sounds great – i think we start back in early Feb. No doubt i twill take a wee while to get ourselves sorted. It is a new school for me.

  16. Great idea! I have been trying to come up with a way to skype with other schools. We are just starting to learn about weather (science) and different states (social studies) and would love to get together with other schools to compare.

  17. I love using Skype in my classroom. I use it with a 2nd grade class in the same district. Our classes read books to each other on Fridays. I would love to particpate in this project!

  18. I would love to have our 3rd graders connect with students in other countries as part of their “country” unit they do every year. I hope you can broaden the international range of this project.

    1. @Cathy
      Thank you for signing up for the project. The connections we are making are incredible. Students are engaged and are learning so much from this quick in and quick out. Looking forward to talking to your 3rd graders soon.

  19. Hello Silvia,
    I love your project idea! I’ve used it as an example to share with my district as an argument for unblocking Skype. Your project plus Carl Fisch’s Skypecast with Daniel Pink proved to be the winning argument.

    I’ll head back to school tomorrow with the possbility of introducing Skype and its possibilities for blasting beyond the walls of the classroom.

    Thank you ago for your creative efforts and your generous sharing of your powerful integration of technology into the elementary classroom.


  20. I think this is an awesome idea and I would love to have my class be a part of it. I have been looking for a way to make geography interactive and think this is it!

  21. I think Skype is a great learning tool for the kids to be involved with. I have been looking for other schools to communicate with using Skype. I am excited to do something like this with my second grade students.

  22. Love this project! We are trying to coordinate World Time zones right now for some Skype calls with grade nine but I am promoting your project to the primary teachers – I know some will bite. Great Idea! Jill 🙂

  23. Looking forward to trying to make this work for my wee guys. Our bear is keen to see where other bear come from.

  24. This is a fantastic idea! What a great way to get kids to see the big picture of a world of learners. We are just starting and look forward to meeting with you and other students around the world. Thanks, Sylvia!

  25. I teach Kindergarten in Hailey, ID and would love to Skype another classroom. Please email if you are interested. We love to Skype!

  26. Hello!

    Have you already talked to 80 schools? I’m a brazilian journalist for Educar para Crescer website ( and I’d like to write about your idea. Maybe some brazilian teacher get interested!
    What do you tihink about that?

    Many thanks,

  27. I have a keen grade 4 class that has just started enjoying the benefits of skyping. I’d like to keep connecting our learning around the world!

  28. Hi! I do an Around the World theme every year and students research countries around the globe. I am looking to connect with other classrooms via the Internet/Skype. I would love to chat with you about what you are doing!

  29. Hola,

    I would like to use this to allow my elementary students to see the wonderful different cultures and languages around the world!

    Take care,


  30. Hi Silvia,
    I wondered if you might have any connections with schools in S. America, Egypt, Greece, Italy or the Middle East. I’ve posted requests in so many places, so one more shouldn’t hurt, right? I appreciate the help!

  31. I have tried to join the Around the World with 80 Schools Ning but keep getting a message that the site is not found. I am interested in connecting my students in Jacksonville Florida with a school in Central or South America that we could not only Skype with but could also support in some way.

  32. Hi,

    This is exactly what i was looking for sometime. I wish to connect all our students with schools across the world, initially for informal exchanges and getting to know new cultures, would love to connect with schools in every continent.

    We look forward to connect with you. Please drop a word at


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