Beyond the Playground: Google Earth for Elementary Students

Title: Beyond the Playground: Google Earth for Elementary Students
Presenter: Jim L Holland
Description: Google Earth isn’t just for secondary schools anymore! Come find ways to design and implement meaningful Google Earth activities for use in your elementary curriculum.


How do you beyond looking up your house in Google Earth.

  • Search and zooming functions
  • Tilting and perspective
  • Panoramia pictures> in Geographic Web Layer
  • Wikipedia > in Geographic Web Layer
  • 3 D Buildings
  • Making placemarks
    • add text, links,
    • right click and chose properties to edit placemarks
    • add some  HTML code
  • Saving Google Earth files as .kmz files
  • Measurement tool
  • Drawing tool
  • Placemark icons (personalized)


  • Create a kmz file for your students to explore and learn about landmarks. Add some incorrect facts in the text baloon . Have your students read through the balloon and edit the balloon of the placemark by using the strike out code ( strikeout tool) and then add the correct the statement. They need to cross reference with Wikipedia to verify and find out the “real” facts.
  • Have students edit pre-made kmz files by teachers. Give directions in the balloon and have student edit the text to enter their answers. Tescher will already place [Edit your information here] Students will save their new edited kmz files and turn in for assessment.
  • Teach students how to turn on and off placemarks to eliminate possible listed locations after they have been asked a question to locate a place on earth.
  • Passport activity. – Answer questions and then stamp their passport as proof of their visit into a word document that they will turn in. They have to copy/paste it from the link that the location has sent them too.

Embed web 2.0 into Google Earth