Pinky Dinky Doo Story Podcasts

Kindergarten spent time on the Pinky Dinky Doo site. It is well worth exploring with your younger students. We directed students to go to Story Podcasts on the site.


and to choose “Create your Own”.


They are able to choose from 5 different story categories.


The story is divided into three segments, Beginning, Middle and End. The site reads the story aloud for the children and the students choose from several images, that will then be plugged in to customize their stories.


Depending on what they choose, the storyboard changes to make their choices visual.


Once all the blanks are filled, the story will be read back to you.


The added bonus is that at the end you have a choice to print out a little booklet (1 page) to be folded of the story that they created.


The site was very intuitive and easy to navigate for our 5 year olds. A great listening and reading activity to reinforce that words represent meaning and are being supported by images.