SmartBoard and Calendar Times

The very talented Jane Cassette has created a wonderful SmartBoard notebook file for her Kindergarten class. She wanted to create a way to make her daily calendar time more interactive and personalized.

Now why is this calendar any different that the poster bulletin board type most elementary school classrooms use?

Image by riaskiff

SmartBoard Calendar has the ability to

  • engage students by customizing objects on the calendar (ex. students pictures)
  • individualize to students’ need
  • create your “own” calendar from scratch. More ownership of product
  • allow students to manipulate and create “what if” scenarios


  • Birthday children get to write their own names and pick their own “Birthday clipart”
  • Individual students write numbers of each calendar day
  • Choose special clipart for holidays, field trips
  • Students use “infinite cloned” weather clipart to drag and drop the daily weather into the calendar.


Who is absent today?

  • Personalize who is missing at school today by inserting an image
  • Math: Counting, addition and subtraction practice


Number of Days in School:

  • “Ones” and “Tens” sticks are infinite cloned. Students add one additional stick to the Ones column. When they reach ten sticks, they exchange it for one “tens” and move it to the appropriate column.


Sight Word Practice:

  • Students can practice writing sight words
  • Once sight words are written, they turn into objects, that can be manipulated, resized, moved.


Sight Word Game:

Use cell shades (right click and “add cell shade)  to cover a sight word for the students to guess.


Building & Blending Words:

  • add letters that students drag and drop into the box to form new words


Sight Word Scramble:

  • scramble any words and have students drag and drop these letter to unscramble the sight words


Counting and Skip Counting Practice:

  • This is a pre-made Multiplication grid directly out of the Notebook software Gallery. Just search for “Hundred Square” under open up the “Interactive and Multimedia folder”
  • students push a number and the square turns another color

Download the calendar notebook file (courtesy of Jane Cassette). If you like her calender idea , re-tweet and send her her a comment through twitter @janecassette