Waiting to be Taught versus Willing to Learn

Steven Kimmi, on his blog Experiments in Technology posted Taught Versus Learn, A Distinguishing Factor

Again,  it was a small sentence that caught my eye and I was not able to let it go. Just as Kim Cofino’s quote about “ Using Technology Integration in the classroom is a Mindset, not a skill set“, I am mulling over the meaning of Steven’s

idea of waiting to be taught versus being willing to learn.

Is the difference an indicator of whether a teacher is a life long learner or not? Is being a life long learner a characteristic of a “good teacher”? Can you still be a good teacher if you are not a learner yourself?


Was does “the difference” mean to you? Is there a difference? Does it make all the difference? Is it an indicator? How do you work with teachers that are willing to learn? How do you work with the ones that are waiting to be taught? What are some of the characteristics of teachers who are waiting to be taught?