links for 2009-05-27

  • Your audience is tweeting

    How do you draw them into your presentation? By asking for their opinion, and displaying their tweets directly in your slides. With Poll Everywhere, you can invite people to tweet a short comment directly to your slide in real-time, while still blocking inappropriate or off-topic tweets. You can also ask multiple choice questions and watch a graph evolve as people vote

  • The “Around the World with 80 Schools” project this year has been incredible in how it has made my students more aware of world geography as they met and talked with students on almost every continent.
  • we spent some time getting the planning and timing just right – not wasting anyone’s time and (attempting, at least) to keep it interesting. In order to model the use of essential web tools, we shared our agenda on a wiki and made sure to include lots of great links for staff.

    We started our meeting off with a quick Think, Pair, Share focused on the question: How are students today different than when we were kids?

  • Guy Claxton [‘What's the Point of School'] suggests that the gap between the way we learn at school and the way we learn in the outside world needs to be narrowed. He quotes Joan Riddick who suggests that children at school are hungry for the three Rs – responsibility, respect and reality, which can be achieved through the three Cs – choice, challenge and collaboration.
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  • Robinson believes that creativity is as important as literacy and numeracy. Another UK expert Guy Claxton writes that 'learnacy' ( the desire to learn) is more important than literacy and numeracy.
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  • “A 21st Century Education” profiles individuals who embrace and defend fresh approaches to learning and who confront the urgent social challenges that are part of a 21st century experience.
  • Resources for "Meetings" Workshop