SmartBoard Lesson for Map Skills

I have been planning with a second grade teacher to get her started in using the SmartBoard that just had been installed in her classroom.

She let me know that she was working on maps skills and wanted an activity to be able to reinforce and assess student understanding of cardinal directions.

I showed her how to add written directions of drawing an island on the SmartBoard and add certain features to the island, such as a mountain range, a river and a lake. Since we are talking about 2nd graders she suggested to add pirates, princesses, dolphins and a treasure too. 🙂

Here is the notebook file to download.

A few days ago, I ran into Screenr, a great little screencasting tool, that allows you to record an up to 5 minute screencast video, post a tweet with a link, plus the ability to embed the video later on in your blog (see below). In case you are reading this post from within a RSS reader, you might have to click yourself through to the blog in order to see the screencast clip.