Map Skills on the SmartBoard

2nd Grade is off to a great start in the school year. They are exploring maps and globes. Why are maps useful? When do you use a globe instead of a map? What is a map key and how does it help us?
More and more students are becoming familiar with their families’ GPS systems too, whether in the car or on cell phones.

Let’s put these new learned skills to use by taking a screenshot of a map from the school’s surrounding area and creating our own map key? Homework had been to pay special attention to landmarks and sites as students were taken or dropped off at school.


Each student chose a landmark, decided on a symbol to represent and then adding it to the map key with an appropriate text label. Once in the map key “box”, a copy of the symbol was placed on the correct spot of the map.

2nd graders are using the SmartBoard to create and edit their own map key. Here is a screenshot of the map in progress.

Map Skills

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