Graphing on the SmartBoard for the Little Ones

Kindergarten students are graphing everyday. They are learning terms, such as block graphs, image graphs, more than, less than, most, and least. The classes are going “out in the field” (around school) to survey and record other students and teachers about their preferences.

Together with their teachers, they are graphing on paper, on the SmartBoard, even with M & Ms.


Students are identifying and working with columns and rows in order to create a class graph of different colored M & Ms. They are counting the amount of M & M of one color they received, adding them together and transferring that number to the class graph on the SmartBoard. Tapping on the cell shade reveals one M & M of that particular color underneath.


Logistics of creating the graph:

  1. Insert a table with as many rows as you have students. Add as many columns as the maximum of M& Ms that students could receive
  2. Add a photo of a student in first cell of each row
  3. Insert the rest of the rows with an image of one color M & M
  4. Add cell shades to each cell that contains an image of the M & M


Download the M&M Smartboard notebook.

The teachers also created  SB tables and just filled in the cells with a background color, creating a bar graph when each student records their preference. Each day they have different surveys that they graph.


daily graph2

Logistics of creating the graph:

  1. Insert a table with as many rows and columns as needed
  2. Fill a header (or bottom) row with clipart from the Gallery (or screenshots) that will represent possible answers for the survey
  3. Fill the rest of the columns with a background color and cover with a cell share (right click or apple click) then select “add cell shade”

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