K12 Online Conference 2009 Presenters Announced

K12 Online Conference 2009 | Announcing K12 Online 2009 Presenters-1

I am thrilled to have been chosen to be a presenter at this year’s K21Online Conference!

This year’s theme is

K12 Online Conference 2009 | Announcing K12 Online 2009 Presenters

You can find a list of other presenters at the conference’s website. I am excited that there are many international teachers among the presenters.

They presenters from this year’s conference come from:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

I have written about the hypocrisy of using the word “global” and “worldwide” ( I am guilty of it too),  when we only include voices in English and do not encourage and facilitate communication and collaboration by connecting to speakers of languages other than English. See my blog post “Connecting & Colaboración & Kommunikation Across Languages & Cultures“. Needless to say, I am excited that the conference organizers are paying attention to wanting to reach a wider audience, recognizing that NOT everyone speaks and understands fluently the English language.

You can read about K12Online in Translation

K12 Online is committed to making learning freely available and broadly distributed worldwide. This year we’ve taken another step towards those ends as well as increasing accessibility of our content to people who speak languages other than English and the hearing impaired.

I will have to versions of my presentation “Around the World with Skype” available. One being in English and another one in Spanish “Alrededor del Mundo con Skype”.

There will be two other presentations published in Spanish.

  1. Competencias Artisticas En La Plástica
    Josu Garro
    Tarragona, España
  2. Algunas aplicaciones para trabajar la competencia comunicativa linguistica y audiovisual
    Pilar Soro
    Tarragona, España

Please start spreading the word about the conference in “your neck of the woods”.

  • Blog about it, twitter about it, print an announcement out and mention it to your colleagues, the person responsible for professional development at your school and anyone else you can think of.
  • Start planning a LAN (local area network) party at your school, home or nearby restaurant. See examples of LAN parties here, here and here.
  • Get excited about all the possibilities by going back to view presentations from the past 3 years. They are still VERY relevant!!

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