Twittering at a Conference

No questions about it! Twitter has transformed my learning in the last few years. Having a constant stream of ideas, thoughts, resources and experts at my fingertips is invaluable for me these days. I continue to find new ways to make Twitter work for me, but also to contribute to the learning of others.

I want to share my experience of twittering from a conference (Curriculum Mapping), I attended last week. You might ask:

Why would you twitter at a conference?

Well… I am:

  • picking out the main idea the presenter is trying to make
  • summarizing and condensing what I am hearing
  • trying to write concise
  • by documenting the important points for me
  • documenting in chronological order what is happening
  • sharing with my Twitter followers the information that I am receiving
  • disseminating ideas, thoughts, resources, discussions, questions, answers…
  • allowing others, who are not physically present, to participate to a certain degree

Take a look at the following screenshots of my tweets from January 12-14 during the conference. Scroll down to the end to begin, since they are in reverse chronological order.

What is your impression? Are these kinds of tweets from a conference helpful? Do they give you an idea of the conference? Are they confusing/useful/useless? Do you tweet at conferences? What are some of the advantages you see/have experienced?