Taking.Play.Seriously with Brian Smith

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Brian Smith's session at educon

Conversation Description:

Diane Ackerman’s quote, “play is the brain’s favorite way of learning” is oft used to describe the learning that takes place in elementary schools. Despite that belief, a simple visit to any school in the country will reveal a picture that flies in the face of Ackerman’s statement. We know why play is being squeezed out of schools, but bringing it back will take creative thinking, ideas and sharing. Together we will discuss and construct ideas for bringing the aspects of play into more learning experiences.

Brian Smith Session

Think about how YOU play(ed).

  • What did you play?
  • What do you think you learned from play?
  • When did you stop playing
  • When did  you play?

What is play?

  • Play is open ended?
  • Possibly without an objective?
  • Joy , freedom, being in the moment
  • Role playing
  • imagination
  • explore, discover, unveil
  • no expectation at the end?

Playing to learn or learning to play? Why and when has the word “play” at schools become a “bad” word?

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