Presentation21 Make-Over

Those of us who are involved in Professional Development have known for a while now. We don’t have the same crowd sitting in the audience anymore. The crowd is not “WoWed” by fancy PowerPoints with clipart from the Microsoft Gallery. A sigh goes through the ranks when animation (maybe even with sound) pop one bullet point after another onto the screen.

“Death by PowerPoint” sets in”. This is a phrase defined on Wikipedia as:

is a criticism of slide-based presentations referring to a state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload during presentations such as those created by the Microsoft application PowerPoint.

Why is there a need for Presentation Design in the 21st Century?

Garr Reynolds in Presentation Zen says:

We live in times where design and visual communication skills are increasingly important and valued. […] We should not focus on the tools and software, but the principles and elements of visual communication that lead to better design.

Daniel Pink in The Whole New Mind designates “Design” as one of the six senses that will help develop this whole new mind.

We need to understand that the product is not about function alone, but how it can be emotionally engaging.

It is a fact that we remember visual information better than written one! So, take some time and re-examine your presentation PowerPoint slides. Remember that “less is more”, shy away from too much text and too many (if any) bullets and become visual.

Check out some of the books, I recommend towards the end of the slideshow. You will also find  links to fabulous examples of presentations that will inspire you in your own Presentation21 Design.

Presentation21 Make-Over