My Most Used iPad Apps and Links List

I must say that I enjoy reading other bloggers’ “favorite iPad apps lists”. I usually check some of their apps out and end up with some gems, I would have otherwise not found.

Below you will find a screenshot of one of my screens which houses the icons/apps/links that I most frequently use.


GoDocs syncs with ALL my different Google Accounts, when connected to wifi. It allows me to view my docs also offline. Unfortunately still not able to edit the docs. I am hoping that will come in a future update. The interface is great. Nice view of Google Presentations and Spreadsheets. Very convenient for me as I am walking around school and need to reference and share with teachers or students from my Google Docs.

Google Calendars Client

I really had issues viewing my various Google Calendars via Safari on the iPad, until I found this app. I can add my various Google Accounts and calendars that are shared by others with me. I can toggle them off and on, just like on a computer and add, drag and drop them on- and offline. This app has been VERY handy as I am walking the halls at school and get stopped by teachers or administration in order to make or change a meeting time.


This is a simple shortcut bookmark icon to my Delicious account, so I have faster access to my bookmarks

Delicious Save

Since I have not found a specific Delicious App, I bookmarked the “Add a Link” page on my Delicious account, so, when I want to add a link, I can simply copy and paste.

Langwitches Blog

Simply a bookmarked icon to get me fast to the Langwitches Blog.

Around The World With 80 Schools

Simply a bookmarked icon to get me fast to Around The World with 80 Schools site

Curriculum21 Ning

Simply a bookmarked icon to get me fast to the Curriculum21 Ning.


Simply a bookmarked icon to get me fast to my Shelfari account.

Twitter Times Langwitches

Simply a bookmarked icon to get me fast to the TwitterTimes Langwitches page.


Simply a bookmarked icon to my Flickr PhotoStream


My e-reader for book purchases through iBooks


My e-reader for books purchased via Amazon.

Social (Facebook)

After having looked at my Facebook page for months with the small iPhone app that was only available, I am happy with this newer app to view and interact on Facebook.


I have two Twitter apps (Twitter and Twittelator) on my iPad, since I have not decided which one I like best. This app seems to pull more than the 20 latest tweets at a time. Not sure yet,  if I like the sliding parts when you click on links or profiles within a Tweet.


I use this app frequently to delete Spam comments that have made their way past my Spam protection plugins. I have not used it much to actually write posts. I don’t like that when I start drafts, they do not synch with my drafts folder when I get back to my laptop….or maybe I just have not figured out how to do that.


This app collects website links to be able to read later on-or offline. Very helpful, since it is integarted with the Reeder App, I use to sync my Google Reader RSS

List n’ Do

Great app to create To Do lists with  due dates. I like that it has subtasks and plenty of space to type in notes for each task.


iThoughtsHD is actually the most favorite app on this list for me. I have started using it to

  • take notes and meetings
  • notes as I am reading through books
  • outline for blog posts
  • outline for conference presentations and workshops

NoteTaker HD

I found this app to work well for me, if I want to take quick handwritten notes. I have gotten used to using my Stylus pen. This app allows me to jot down notes, organize them and email them if I wish too. I have also used this app to take notes at meetings and really enjoy not having to lug around my laptop to be able to have digital notes.


Finally, I have one place to store, manage and access all my pdf files. This app makes it a pleasure to work and view pdf files. I am able to download web based pdf files, by simply paste URLs of them into the app, then file them away into folders. The app makes viewing pdf files very attractive and  as easy as looking through a book. Very nice. I have added all my How-To-Guides and Teaching Units that I have created for Langwitches. I am able to access them in one convenient place as reference when I am talking to teachers in my building or at workshops and conferences.


This is my second Twitter Client. I really like the interface of  Twitterlator. One of the downsides is that it downloads the last 20 Tweets and it is not easy to get to older tweets in my timeline. I used this app, when I was tweeting from a conference and really liked to how easy it was to insert the conference hashtag. It made “fast and furious” tweeting easy 🙂


Absolutely love this app to sync my Google Reader subscriptions. Since I started using the app, I can actually can stay on top of my subscriptions. It allows me easily to skim over new items, star interesting ones and the most useful part of this app for me is, that I can

  • copy the link location
  • directly save to my Delicious account
  • save to my Instapaper account
  • send the link to Twitter
  • e-mail the post or link

All without having to leave the app. This integration allows me to organize, save and disseminate resources to my network.

What are some of your favorite/must have apps on you iPad? Please share.