Adding a Video to your Blog with Vimeo

This is another How-To-Guide for teachers just getting started with blogging. It is a follow up to the “Getting to Know your Blog- A Beginner’s How To Guide” which includes

  • blogging vocabulary
  • differences between posts and pages
  • login to your Dashboard
  • add a post
  • add a page
  • edit a post or a page
  • add and organize links
  • add and arrange widgets on your sidebar
  • insert images

Below you will find the steps how to add a video to your WordPress based blog. You certainly can use the same procedure on other blogs which are not a WordPress platform (ex. Blogger).

I choose to upload videos not directly to the blog, but to a site  called VIMEO and then embed the video into a post.

There are other options like YouTube , SchoolTube, or TeacherTube for example.

You can download this How-To-Guide: “Adding a Video to Your Blog” as a .pdf file here.

1. Create the video as a .mov, .avi or .mp4 file
2. Go to
3. Log in

4.  Click on “Upload a Video”

5.  “Choose a file to upload”

6.  Browse for the video file, click the file name and click “Select”

7.  Insert a Title and Description (optional). Save your changes.

8. Once video has finished uploading. Click on green button to go to video.

9.  Highlight and copy the URL (Web Address that starts with http://)

10. Go to your blog

11. Log into the Dashboard

12. Create a new post

13. Enter Title

14. Paste the URL (Command V) into the body of blog post

15. Publish post. You will see the embedded video once you view the post