Image Resolution and Resizing for Your Blog

I order to save time and space when uploading images to your blog, it is necessary to “RESIZE” your images.

You can download the How-To-Guide to Resizing Images for your Blog here. (pdf)

Like other digital files, images are being measured in bytes

The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the image and the larger you “could” print the image. Since we are uploading the image to the blog, there is no need to upload an image with a pixel size larger than 600 pixels in width. Usually the blog theme will not accommodate a larger pixel width than that. In addition most monitors will not show a difference in the image quality anyway.

How do you re-size an image?

The easiest way is to use a screencapture software, such as Skitch (mac) or Jing Project (PC).

(For this How-To-Guide, we will be using Skitch)

Once the software is installed on your computer.

1. Open up the image on your screen (with iPhoto, Finder or Explorer) and make sure it shows the exact size you want it to be on your blog.

You might have to use the Command + or – (mac), Ctrl + or – (PC)  or adjust your window to resize the image on your screen.

2. Now open up Skitch

3. Click on “Snap to start.

4. A Crosshair will appear.

5. Place Crosshair in upper left corner and drag a rectangle over the area you want to capture. Let go of mouse or trackpad to snap the image. You will hear a “picture taking” sound.

6. Drag and adjust the lower right hand corner of window to resize the image. Keep an eye out on the dimensions displayed on the lower left hand side.

7. Name the new image

8. Drag the image to your Desktop or to another place in your Finder.

9. Upload image to your blog by browsing to that location.