Creating Blog Tutorials for Parents & Grandparents

Every classroom at my school has it’s own blog. Teachers are using it at various levels for parent/school communication, student work, two-way communication with commenting, documentation for classroom happenings as well as the hub and archive of classroom images, videos and audio.

In an attempt to include parents in the process, educate them in this new platform in addition to give students a chance to take ownership of their classroom blog, several classes are creating a tutorial video for their parents and grandparents that explains a few “blog” specific vocabulary words as well as highlights and models how to find information and navigate the classroom blog.

2nd Graders jumped immediately on board when I approached their teachers with the idea of creating such a video tutorial. I started out by doing a lesson with the 7 year olds about specific blog vocabulary we wanted them to use.

Blog Vocabulary

Their teacher made a list of all the words as well as the areas we wanted to highlight in the tutorial. Students then were assigned specific words or parts. We started to brainstorm, as a class,  the introduction to the tutorial.

  • What would we say to get parents interested in watching the tutorial?
  • How would we welcome them?
  • How could we show them how to get to the classroom blog?

Collaborative Brainstorming

Students had very specific ideas and were adamant about certain words, their order and the way they wanted to say them.

Organization for Tutorial Video

The following day, in class, students wrote a short script of what they wanted to say using their assigned vocabulary words.

The Writing Process

Their classroom teacher  reminded her students about the writing process by pointing to their bulletin board on her wall.

  1. Pre-Writing
  2. Drafting
  3. Revising
  4. Editing
  5. Evaluating
  6. Publishing

Students then were assigned to practice their “part” as homework for the following day when we would be filming them with the Flip camera.

We had a blast creating the video (just hang around until the end to watch the bloopers 🙂 ).

If you want to leave a comment for these 7 year olds, please add the location where you are from, so we can track it on a Google Map.

How could you allow your students to become their own  Tutorial Designers?

Here for your viewing pleasure: