Web Design for Student Bloggers

I am meeting with Andrea Hernandez and our 5th graders to give our students an introduction (an awareness) about the design of a blog. The 5th graders are one of our pilot grades of implementing student portfolios. We will be starting the lesson out by looking at different sites that these 10/11 year olds frequent. What do they like about them, what don’t they like?

Here are some of the sites the students look at on a regular basis.

They like:

  • Image related to content
  • Search function
  • Thumbnail images
  • Ratings
  • Logo

They don’t like:

  • Advertisement (distracting)

Keep your audience in mind...

Will will also look at different sites designed for different audiences:

Check out some of these web pages. What do you think of their design?

I will be using and clarifying (if needed) “web (blog) design” vocabulary.

Blog Design

Students will then browse the WordPress Theme Gallery to find a theme with a design of their liking. Since we are using WordPress 3.0 multi user site, students are not able to download and install their own themes, but will have to email us the link to the theme and the SuperAdmins will have to install and activate the theme network wide.

Once the theme of their liking is activated we will meet again to talk about how to customize their blog further with custom headers and other widgets.

Blinging Your Blog

Image licensed under Creative Commons by Swamibu Blinging your Blog:

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