Langwitches Blog Nominated for Edublog Awards

I am extremely honored that Langwitches was nominated for Edublog Awards 2010 in the following categories: Best Teacher Blog , Best Individual Blog and Best Educational Tech Support Blog.

Thank you so much to all the educators who nominating my “writing and sharing”.

Writing a blog came natural for me. It was an extension to my diary writing since  age 11. Writing is a way for me to “put my thoughts down”, to sort through them, connect them and make sense of them. Starting the Langwitches blog was NOT about readers or sharing in the beginning. It now has been almost 5 years since the Langwitches blog was born and blogging has grown and evolved into my media for sharing, encouraging, documenting and supporting other educators. Being able to share resources, experiences, action research, pitfalls, successes, visuals and teaching materials  THRILLS me. Knowing that I can reach, inspire and teach educators (and  students through them) BEYOND my own physical area of influence has become a huge part of the reasons behind my blogging.  Thank ALL of you for inspiring me!