Unpack, Upgrade and Bring your Lesson into the 21st Century

Sheryl Nussbaum Beach had asked me to share two examples of how I unpack a lesson with teachers, during a webinar for TPACK. You can listen and view the archived version in Elluminate.

Participants have asked me to share the slides for the presentation and in particular the templates created for “21st Century Skills”, “21st Century Literacies” and “Six Roles to Develop Empowered Learners” (which is based on Alan Novembers chapter in Heidi Hayes Jacob’s book “Curriculum 21” (ASCD 2010).

The example I describe in the presentation are based on the upgrade of the upper elementary Christopher Columbus unit and the middle school Language Arts upgrade of an Author’s Point of View lesson.

The templates help teachers remember that upgrading a unit is NOT about using the latest tech tool. It breaks down the skills and literacies involved and practiced. The templates also help educators realize, over time, that not every lesson, not every unit has to address EVERY skill and literacy. By looking at their overall teaching and learning goals, we need to expose and create competencies in all these areas for our students.

Download the templates as a pdf file

Take a look how we filled out the template for the above mentioned Christopher Columbus unit.