Creating a Techno-Tale in iMovie

Watch this tutorial below as a movie or download it as a PDF file.

What is a techno-tale? A techno-tale is a digitally told story. There are many ways to create digital stories. One option is to create an illustrated book-style movie with students telling the story in their own recorded voices. 1. Decide if you will create a collaborative classroom story (each student contributing one page or part to the book) or an individual student story (each student illustrates and records the entire book). 2. Have students illustrate each part of the story. 3. Take pictures or scan in the illustrations. 4. Upload theses images to your computer. Organize them in one folder for convenient access.

5. Open up iMovie

6. Start a new project. File > New Project

7. Name the project and choose theme.

8. Drag and drop your previously saved illustration images into the project

9. In the soryboard area drag and drop the illustrations in the correct order.

10. Add or change transitions by dragging and dropping different transitions between two images.



11.Click on the Microphone icon, then choose a clip.

12. iMovie will start counting 3-2-1. Start talking, iMovie will record your voice.Push the space bar to stop recording.

13. The recording will be the purple rectangle underneath the image. If the audio recording is longer than the image, you can either change the length  (in seconds) of the image by  simply double clicking it…

… or move your mouse to the right side of the audio rectangle and drag it towards the left to adjust the length of the audio.  Listen to the audio clip again to make sure that no part of the recorded voice was cut off.

14. Once all images, transitions and audio recordings are in place, it is time to export your project file into a movie file that can be shared or uploaded to a video service online, such as Vimeo.

15. Choose the folder you want to save the movie to. Choose the size you want the movie to export as (Recommendation: Medium Size) and click the “Export” button.

Here are some example:

Second Grade Hebrew: Summary of Creation Story- Book of B’resheet

Kindergarten- Thanksgiving Story

Download the How to Guide- Creating a Techno-Tale in iMovie (pdf) Creating a Techno Tales w/ iMovie