Looking for a Globally Connected Learning Consultant?

As with many other educators at this time of the year, there will be changes ahead for me in the near future.

I will continue working part time at my current school, but will be able to expand the time available to consult with teachers and schools from around the world.

Over the last six years, I have had the great fortune and pleasure to have worked with and presented in person in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Germany, China and Thailand. I was able to connect my work to thousands of educators from around the world via online conferences and webinars, which I led and facilitated. In addition, my blog Langwitches and Twitter, have allowed me to share and reach even more educators in an amplified way.

My work IN THE CLASSROOM with students and teachers gives me a unique perspective and qualification to share what 21st century teaching and learning looks like in action!

Take a look at the two documents below that outline sample session topics, as well as a sample two-day workshop to start or support the process of 21st century teaching and learning at your school. Print them or forward them to your professional development coordinator at your school or district. If interested, you can contact me via my Educational Consulting site: Globally Connected Learning.

Potential Audience

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Heads of School
  • Staff Developers
  • Curriculum Coordinators & Coaches
  • Technology Coordinators
  • University Professors of Education
  • University Students in Teacher Education Programs

21st Century Schools II- Professional Development Sessions

21st Century Schools PD Workshops