Global Project- Teddy Bears Around the World in its 4th Year

If you are looking to weave global awareness & collaboration into your elementary school classroom, consider participating in the

Teddy Bears Around the World Project

For the forth year, Teddy Bears from around the world are contributing images about their travels, traditions and customs to this blog.

Currently, there are contribution from the following categories:

The idea is to collaboratively create a space with stories from different locations around the world. Students practice creative writing skills as they contribute stories from the bear’s perspective about their lives, surroundings and customs. I would like to expand having classes connect and interact with the stories of their teddies via more commenting.

About the Project:

Teddy Bears Around The World started as a project with a school mascot called Jose,  the travel bear, who enjoyed roaming the world, getting to know new places and meeting interesting people. The Teddy Bears Around the World blog provides the space to hang out and communicate with different teddy bears around the world to hear more about their lives and adventures. This will allow our students to see each other’s countries, customs and traditions through the eyes of our teddy bears and open their horizons through a more global perspective.
The idea is to have an ongoing exchange (no deadlines, no pressure) to contribute stories, photographs, videos or podcasts.

These contributions can be from the teddy bears point of view or from the students’ point of view telling a story ABOUT their teddy bear. We could have seasonal posts or specific story starters, such as:

  • Teddy celebrates Thanksgiving in USA (other country specific holidays)
  • Teddy is going to the movies
  • Teddy’s Eve tradition
  • Teddy and his favorite foods
  • Teddy looses his first tooth
  • Teddy watches TV
  • Teddy’s favorite fairy tale
  • Teddy celebrates his birthday
  • Christmas trees around the world

There is no need to send a Teddy Bear to another school or teacher. All you need to do in order to participate is to register via the Contact Form, integrate writing and documenting (via images, videos or audio) the adventures of your own class’ teddy bear.

  • Fill out the form.
  • You will be contacted (at the e-mail you supply in the form) to submit an image of your Teddy Bear.
  • Once the image has been submitted and has been approved, it will be placed on the Teddies of the World Gallery Page and a placemark will be created on the Where in the World Map.
  • You will then receive a username and password for this blog to upload your own posts AND that allow your class to comment on other teddy bear’s posts.
  • Your posts could be about life in your part of the world. They could include traditions, holidays, day to day life , school events, etc.

So how about it? Are you an elementary school teacher who wants to get involved in a project that practices:

  • writing skills?
  • media skills?
  • collaboration skills?
  • geography?

and exposes your students to

  • local & community awareness?
  • global awareness?
  • being globally connected?