TED Talk- Raghava KK: Shake up your story

Screenshot of TED Slide by Raghava KK


This is a short TED talk by Raghava KK, the illustrator of the iPad book POP-IT – Raghava KK Inc. This video is not a commercial about the artist’s iPad book though, but shares a message about the importance of raising our children with PERSPECTIVE.

In his book, children can shake the iPad to change the configuration of a family (gay parents, lesbian parents of heterosexual parents). Raghava KK’s vision is to create books that teach history differently. He wants to create books that talk about historic events, such as Indian Independence. You read the book about the Indian perspective, shake the iPad and you will get Pakistan’s perspective, shake it again and get the British’ perspective.

I love the concept… my wheels are turning how to transfer that to the classroom with students… I know teachers are using multiple perspective storytelling in the Language Arts classroom, such as having students retell a fairy tale from the perspective of the villain (wolf, witch, etc) instead of the hero or Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart podcast to teach author’s point of view.

How can we transfer this to social studies, science and other subject areas?