Students Create ePub iPad Book for the World

Our first graders created their own eBook for the iBook. I have had many request to share the Butterfly ePub file with other teachers, so they could use it as an example for their own classes.

Leave our first graders a comment, tell them where in the world (geographically) you are reading their book. Maybe you can also share any other facts or stories about Monarch butterflies to help them continue learning.

If you are reading this post on your iPad or iPhone, simple click on the ePub link, and choose to open in “iBook”. Otherwise, if you are on your computer, download the ePub link and drag it into your iTunes library before you sync your device to it.

I also created a FlipSnack  Issuu book to be placed on the classroom blog, for parents and relatives of the students, who do not have an eReader, to view the file.

FlipSnack only showed the first 15 pages of the book, so I switches to Issuu.

It was a little tedious to be able to create the pdf file from the ePub file. I wish that FlipSnack Issuu would allow ePub files to directly be uploaded to their service.

  1. take a screenshot of each page of the book.
  2. export the images
  3. crop the image (so the time and battery life of iPad was not visible)
  4. import each image into separate PowerPoint slide
  5. export the ppt to a PDF
  6. upload PDF to FlipSnack Issuu
  7. grab the embed code and embed on classroom blog