Quality Commenting- Student Guest Post by Zoe M.

I invite few guest bloggers to share posts on Langwitches.

This makes it especially rewarding to be able to present to my readers an incredible young lady. Zoe is growing by leaps and bounds as a blog writer and commenter. She is a fourth grader at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and is taking part in an International Action Research currently underway between four blogging classrooms (USA,Thailand, Switzerland, Czech Republic). The following post is a wonderful testimonial to her understanding of blog commenting as a form of communication and learning.

I am honored to be able to share Zoe’s post, since I believe many, including grown-up blogging newbies, will benefit from her advice.

How to Make A Quality Comment by Zoe

When you comment on my blog I want your comments to be memorable. I want them to represent you, so even if I don’t know you, I will feel as if I do.When you comment on a blog you want it to be unique. To make it a quality comment it has to have fancy words such as instead of writing, “That is a pretty butterfly.”which is what 1st graders could do ,write” What a lovely butterfly! I love how its wings are all sparkly. I would enjoy it if you could teach me how. Did you know that a butterfly’s wing is its most fragile part?” That already is a better comment. To make a comment better, add on to the post, writing a new bit of information, it makes it a quality comment. Also, links help, if you find a website that has something to do with the topic someone is blogging about, put the link. Here is how you put a link on your blog:

<a href=”link”>words you want to be the link</a>

That is how you make a quality comment.