Tutorial Designers, Guides, Step-by-Step Instructions: Amplification & Imagination

“Tutorial Designer” is one of the six roles, Alan November lists in his Digital Learning Farm that empower student learners and describes in his book ‘Who owns the Learning?.
Take a look at the examples below of students:

  • sharing what they have learned in class
  •  sharing beyond their classroom and their parents
  •  sharing with a global audience in mind.

As you are watching these samples…

  • Where does your imagination take you?
  • What ideas come to your mind?
  • What comes to mind for YOUR STUDENTS TO SHARE?
  • What lesson or unit, could you “upgrade” to include the creation of a video, audio or screencast?

I believe strongly, that teaching and upgrading to include emerging literacies and amplified skills for the 21st century learner rely HEAVILY on imagination, willingness and ability to experiment, fail, tweak and try again.

Please share samples of you and your students’ imagination and tutorials, guides or step by step instructions.