Thinking Differently About Learning: Next Steps Checklist

As I am wrapping my mind around the whole concept of “Learning How to Learn“, I am also thinking about the infrastructure of the school landscape that needs to be in place to make learning in new forms possible. Steve Hargadon, with his “You First- You be the lead learner”call for action, Will Richardson’s 3 Starting Points for Thinking Differently About Learning and Alec Couros’ slidedeck Taking on the Challenge of 21st Century Teaching and Learning are the core of my “Thinking Differently About Learning- Next Steps” Checklist

Once a school landscape/infrastructure/platforms and [educator’s] Learning “You First” are in place, new forms of student learning will happen organically.

I understand that changing a school culture, starting to think differently about learning and education is very complex. It often seems an insurmountable task to fight for these changes to occur. With every step, there are many variables to consider and new obstacles to overcome. A one-page checklist seems too simplistic… but it is a starting place… and might make the initial task clearer.

The checklist below is by no means exclusive nor “how it HAS to happen”, but just my thoughts of (hopefully) helpful steps to get a conversation going at your school or your classroom, an idea of how to begin or possible next steps to continue.

Please add comments with a step, that seems to be indispensable in your infrastructure, Learning “You First” or Student Learning section.

You Can Also download the checklist as a pdf file.