Amplifying… Reaching The World… Global Audience… Survey


In the past, I have reached  out to the world to complete a survey designed by my students in order to make it possible for them to collected authentic data. The overwhelming response from my blog readers and twitter followers made it possible to create a transformational learning experience for these students.

It is time again, for you to step up and make it happen for another group of students. Be assured that your contribution by filling out the survey DOES MAKE an impression on these kids. They realize that they have a voice, that their reach extends beyond their own backyard or school community, others do care and take their school work seriously and that their work is authentic and serves a real audience.

The 6th graders of my new school , the American School of São Paulo, Brazil, are in the process of creating tutorials. Part of the process of storyboarding and script writing is to write for an audience. Please take the time to submit the survey below (created by the students). The results are shared among all 6th graders and will inform their decision what type of tutorial they will create and share back to the world.

Thank you in advance!